Using our expertise in ecological and socially responsible development, we work for a prosperous eco-system that supports all life on this planet. Our approach is multi-faceted: We collaborate with academic, private and public sector partners both in India and Internationally, helping to develop sustainable urban and industrial development policies, ecologically friendly technologies – and the minds of future leaders. The latter we do with inspirational thought leadership and courses in aspects of sustainability. We live and work in Auroville, a UN-backed global centre of sustainable practices dedicated to the ideal of human unity. Our mission and our passion align – to make the world a better, greener, place. Founded in 2010, Auroville Consulting is a unit of the non-profit organization Auroville Foundation. 


We are committed to minimising the environmental impact of our business operations. From 2013, we have identified and calculated our greenhouse gas emissions. We continue to do our best to reduce and manage the emissions more effectively and offset the unavoidable ones by planting trees in the Auroville biosphere. We believe that by internalising the cost of carbon, every entity can
help build a more equitable and green future.

Greenhouse Gas Accounting Report FY18-19

The report explores the indirect emissions caused by the purchase of a new office space. In addition, the report includes the calculation of operational emissions, the planting of trees and the geo-referencing of our expenses.

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Greenhouse Gas Accounting Report FY20-21

In addition to an emissions inventory and geo-referencing expenses, Auroville Consulting in this annual year’s report sets a long-term vision towards carbon neutrality by assessing future emissions and exploring mitigation measures.

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