Carbon Management and Decarbonisation


As climate change accelerates, companies are increasingly aware of the global drive towards sustainable development. To ensure long-term success in today’s fast changing and competitive business environment, we help you develop effective strategies towards achieving net-zero emissions. Identifying and quantifying the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from business operations and supply chains is key to achieve national and international climate mitigation targets. 

We support both public and private sector organizations in developing effective strategies to address their carbon management needs, through effective financial, technical and science based consulting and reporting services. Our areas of expertise cover a broad range of manufacturing and service providing sectors including, private aviation, manufacturing, textile, IT services, and healthcare.



  • Set-up  a customized data collection protocol to support in accurate data collection
  • Analyze and report on the overall GHG emissions by category
  • Set an emissions reduction target 
  • Identify and implement mitigation measures 
  • Compensate emissions through carbon-positive project partnerships to achieve net-zero 
  • Effectively communicate your actions to key stakeholders


  • Understand your organization’s physical and transition risk 
  • Increase operational efficiency & cost-effectiveness 
  • Get ahead of competitors and survive the sustainable market shift 
  • Prepare for future climate policies 
  • Be transparent about your emissions and improve your brand image

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