Geospatial Analytics & Land Suitability

Geospatial analytics and land suitability

Land is a finite resource. Patterns of human use of land affect a wide variety of outcomes – ranging from economic development, urbanisation, social upliftment etc. However, unplanned, and unscientific use of land can contribute to climate change or lead to social unrest, disasters like drought or floods, economic disparities, and social imbalance between urban and rural communities. To cope with the dynamics and pace of development and to better utilise the existing land resources, the judicious use of land resources will be key.

We can service government agencies, civil society organisations and private sector entities with a   primary aim focusing on land-use planning, development programs, forestation initiatives, solar energy development, and water security, among other important areas.


The digital tool, LiLa, uses satellite imagery, AI & GIS Mapping to

(i) create land-cover maps at high spatial resolution for any area of interest,

(ii) detect degraded/unused lands and

(iiI) evaluate these lands in regard to climate mitigation and adaptation interventions such as sustainable water management, forestation, and solar energy generation etc.


The tool is designed to provide flexible solutions with in-built climate intelligence that enables to understand the physical constraints and social demand of a local region and facilitate rapid decision-making & implementation. 

It allows a 360° view of a highly interlinked problem by analysing multiple layers of information at once and by creating rapid data-based insights derived from earth observation data, machine learning algorithms, integrated public datasets and in-depth subject expertise. 

An automated data pipeline performs a comprehensive evaluation of the natural potential of a land with respect to its ecosystem as well the socio-economic context, to ensure that its protection and development get the “right” context.

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