Training and Capacity Building

Training and capacity building

Auroville Green Practices (AGP) is the training and capacity-building unit of Auroville Consulting (AVC). We are an experiential learning and educational platform that focuses on ecological and sustainable practices. Located in the universal township of Auroville, at AGP we collaborate with  several experts, units, and projects from our community to create awareness around sustainable development and green growth.  Some of our collaborators have been in Auroville since its foundation, and their experience spans over 50 years now. 

We have hosted workshops with open registrations as well as custom programs for corporates, university groups, and school groups. 

Spectrum of Knowledge & Practice

We at AGP believe in providing an  experiential learning platform on sustainable communities and lifestyles.  Auroville is a unique place in the world to study the entire spectrum of sustainability  in a single location – spanning across energy, transport, buildings, waste, water, farming, craft & interior decoration. 

We curate workshops in the thematic spectrums of:

Visit Auroville Green Practices website, a short glimpse at AGP workshops.

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