Auroville Smart Mini-Grid | Phase 1

The first phase of the Auroville Smart Mini Grid project is now complete. The project was conceived and driven by Auroville Consulting and includes 122 kW of distributed rooftop solar energy systems.  The solar PV systems are expected to reduce Auroville’s electricity consumption from the TANGEDCO grid by an average of 1,65,416 kWh per year.  In addition to the rooftop solar systems, the project includes an energy storage system with a capacity of 50 kWh, 68 smart energy meters with remote reading facility and additions to the Auroville internal electricity distribution system. The Smart Mini Grid project aims to demonstrate that distributed and connected renewable energy generation and storage systems will be essential parts of a sustainable energy future. The project was lead by Auroville Consulting. Other Auroville units include Auroville Electrical Service, Sunlit Future, Aurinoco and Cynergy.  

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