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“213 KG of carbon dioxide. This is more than what an average human emits in six months, or just during a two-hour flight from Delhi to Chennai,” is the opening statement of the article by Dakshiani Palicha in Down to Earth’s 30th anniversary magazine released this month. She also states “Auroville Consulting offers three digital tools to help people and policymakers strengthen their climate action.”

One part of the article focuses on the Carbon Converter tool, which “we launched in 2021 to push people towards electric mobility,” says Hita who heads our Carbon Management Team. The primary idea being to build awareness on transport emissions and nudge people to transition to low carbon solutions and offsetting any unavoidable emissions by planting trees. While we are working on increasing the usability of this tool, we are launching LiLa and Solsavi.

Get your copy and read the full article. 

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