Carbon Converter: An online calculator for transport emissions.

The Carbon Converter calculates transport-related greenhouse gas emissions and supports the afforestation program in Auroville.

This work-in-progress platform calculates emissions from journeys made in airplanes, cars, buses and trains. Users have the option of adding multiple modes of transport, trips and passengers, giving them an overall sense of their annual impact on the environment through their transport choices.

The platform accepts payments for endemic trees to be planted in the biosphere helping neutralise the user’s emissions. The trees, as a part of their metabolic process, will absorb the emitted carbon and replace it with clean oxygen, which helps maintain the health of our planet.

Why use the Carbon Calculator?

Calculate the impact of transport on the environment.

Plant trees, they will absorb carbon dioxide during their lifetimes.

Help a forest grow – it cleans the air, stores water and nutrients and provides shelter to hundreds of animals.

Commit to continually reduce your future environmental impact.

How are your emissions calculated?

Using globally-approved conversion factors, the Carbon Converter estimates your total transport emissions based on your input data. It also calculates the total number of trees required to absorb the carbon dioxide thereby helping you ‘convert’ these emissions.

How can you offset your emissions?

Dedicated forest workers from the Auroville Forest Group will plant seedlings on your behalf and ensure appropriate watering, soil management, pruning and pest management.

Curious to know more? Follow the link to calculate your emissions with our carbon calculator:

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